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GORENJE FLAT LINE 100 vandvarmer

7.095,00 kr.

Hot water easy and convenient, always included. installation
Choose which water heater that covers your needs, order and pay.
Once we have registered your order, we will contact the installer who will install your new water heater. Then the installer will contact you within two working days.
If you do not know which model fits you best, you have questions about products or generally to dev.energiland.dk, you are always welcome to contact us at 2895 0173 or 43441800
Benefits of our water heaters
Gorenje water heaters get to know the family’s bathing habits, thereby ensuring big savings on your electricity bill.
Gorenje Flat is the new generation of water heaters, which, with new technology, combine design, economy and ease of operation.
The built-in EcoSmart feature monitors the daily consumption of hot water for a week cycle. The water heater can therefore predict the consumption of hot water, thus controlling the operation and amount of hot water to be produced. This means less waste and better economy.
Gorenje Flat has a built-in depth of only 30 cm from the wall. Therefore, there is space for the flat on even smaller bathrooms.
Flat is available in 30, 50, 80 or 100 liters, which meets the high demand for hot water.