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Heating solutions at Energiland.dk

Energiland.dk is a webshop where you can order your new heating solution and get the peace of mind when dealing with a large and reputable company. At energiland.dk, we have carefully selected the partners we trust. All fitters are well-known customers of Electro Energy, which is behind energiland.dk

Energiland.dk is set up to bring you as a consumer and our well-known professional customers closer together. We believe that there should be an easily transparent web shop where you as a consumer can get an overview and relevant information about products for heating your home.

Energiland.dk has been around since 2015 and is e-mærke approved.

You are always welcome to contact us directly on telephone +45 28 95 01 73, where we will do everything possible to find answers to your questions.

Energiland personale

Electro Energy is behind www.energiland.dk

For 50 years, we have been committed to our customers.

Today, Electro Energy is supplier to the plumbing industry and to heat engineers. We sell everything from oil burners to green collector solutions. Electro Energy works closely with some of the world’s best manufacturers of heating solutions, and in addition we are nationwide with special spare parts for virtually all oil boilers, gas boilers and heat pumps on the Danish market.

Electro Energy deals exclusively with professionals.

Få installeret en varmepumpe

Energiland on tour

Here you can get advice and guidance on installing heat pumps in your summer house.

Autumn 2019:

Week 39 – 28/9 | DagliBrugsen Strøby

Week 41 – 12/10 | DagliBrugsen Strøby

Week 42 – 17/10 & 18/10 | Burgerhjørnet Odsherred

Week 43 – 26/10 | Boghandleren Hårlev

Week 44 – 2/11 | SuperBrugsen Herfølge

Week 46 – 16/11 | DagliBrugsen Strøby


Contact us

If you have specific questions about products, prices and fitting, you can contact the fitter you prefer to handle the installation.

See a list of our plumming partners here.

Everything is paid directly to energiland.dk, which guarantees that the installer gets his money. You only have to pay one place and it is here at energiland.dk – that means security for both you and our plumbing installer.


How does it work?

Here you can read more about how we work when you have ordered your products.