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Healthier indoor climate with a heat pump

Achieve a healthier indoor climate with a heat pump

Moisture is a problem in many Danish homes. Now you can have a healthier indoor climate with a heat pump. Moisture creates fungus for mold, but also because it provides good living conditions for house dust mites, bacteria and other uninvited guests. This means poor indoor climate. At the same time, there are still more allergy sufferers in Denmark who enjoy cleaning the air for dust, pollen and other harmful particles.
An air / air heat pump from Gorenje circulates the air several times an hour and circulates the air through a built-in filter. This causes your new air / air heat pump to clean your home for many of the particles your family is breathing today. This gives your family a healthier indoor climate with a heat pump
The air / air heat pump also reduces moisture% in the home as a result of the warm and dry air produced by the heat pump. It has the advantage that it is less likely that mold and the like will be able to form in your home.
If any of your family members have allergies, they will benefit greatly from air-air heat pump air-purifying effect. This applies both spring and summer, where there is a lot of pollen dust in the air, and autumn and winter, when you forget to vent enough in the house.
An air / air heat pump is at the same time inexpensive heat and a very good economy for the household. However, it is advisable not to choose a cheap heat pump as price and quality are very common.
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